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  Level Crossing
  - Why should I stop at a crossing?
  - If I am certain I can make it, should I beat a train at a crossing?
  - Should I cross in a spot different to those signaled for crossing?
  - Safety Tips





Level Crossing

Safety Tips
Broadly speaking, the best recommendation is to be careful and to use common sense. Look both ways and listen to be sure whether a train is coming your way. It might sound obvious, but trains are large and heavy but move faster than many people believe.
In addition, there are other specific tips to prevent accidents with trains, such as:
• Always use authorized crossings. These are safer than crossing in the middle of the road.

• Always stop and look both ways before crossing the road.

• Do not get distracted. Cell phones and other portable devices could distract attention or keep you from hearing a train coming.

• Never try to beat the train at a crossing. Against a train, to tie is to lose.

• Never circulate on a railroad or next to it. The train is wider than the rails and you might not hear it coming.

• Never walk on a railway bridge. If a train is coming, you will not have anywhere to run for safety.

• Always remember that it is better to be late than to not arrive at all. Trying to save a minute or two by crossing the railway could be fatal.