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International Network

Ferronor connects with the railway of Ferrocarril General Belgrano de Argentina at the Socompa border crossing. Through this network it is possible to make a direct connection with the main cities and productive locations of the north and center of Argentina, such as Salta, Jujuy, Tucumán, Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Resistencia, Formosa, among others.

The extended use of metric gauge railways in other countries make it possible to connect with Bolivia, Matto Grosso areas and ports of Santos and Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Ferronor maintains commercial and operational agreements with Ferrocarril General Belgrano de Argentina and with the company Empresa Ferroviaria Oriental de Bolivia, which allow us to offer a joint railway transportation service for import and/or export of products to and from the Pacific Coast in a safe, lean, and massive way, offering the best rate conditions. This metric gauge railway connection is known as the Central Bi-Oceanic Railway Corridor, with an extension that runs through Bolivia and allows connection to Santos and Sao Paulo, on the Atlantic Coast of South America.
Ferronor owns a fleet of diesel-electric locomotives customized for long distance transportation in the desert and withstanding the extreme conditions when crossing the Andes Mountains.