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Railway Network

Our network consists of a main line that runs from Northern to Southern Chile, that are complemented by branch lines that run in east-west directions. As part of the branch lines, Ferronor owns the Socompa - Augusta Victoria railway in Antofagasta, which connects directly with Argentina, and provides connectivity to the Ferrocarril Antofagasta to Bolivia. This network enables the greatest connectivity to the most important cities located in the zone, ports and the most relevant mining sites. International connectivity to the Argentinian and Bolivian railway networks is an important asset.

Main Line
Ferronor´s main line extends from La Calera in the V Region to Iquique in the I Region. It is a metric gauge railway which is consistent along the entire route, with an approximate extension of 1,800 kilometers joining both stations.

Additionally, Ferronor offers a direct connection through Ferrocarril Antofagasta to Bolivia branching from Palestinian and Baquedano stations. Connection to the central and southern railway is provided (operated by EFE) at La Calera.

Branch Lines
In addition to the main line, we have branch lines that add up to a total of 500 kilometers of railway. For the most part, these branch lines enable connectivity to the most significant ports and mines. The following are the main branches of the network:

I Region – Central Branch Line – Connection with Pozo Almonte, city located 71 km from the city of Iquique by railway.

II Region –International Socompa Branch Line – Connection with Argentina
This route has its connection with our central branch line in Palestine station, which is located 153 Kms. Away from the port of Antofagasta. Through this branch is how the entire railway international traffic is developed.

III Region – Chañaral Branch Line – Connection with Potrerillos and Port of Barquito
This branch line is 157 kms in length, linking Potrerillos with the Port of Barquito, and runs through the town of Diego de Almagro. The section between Diego de Almagro and Potrerillos has a length of 92 km and is owned by Codelco Chile.

III Region – Copiapó – Caldera Branch Line
The line connecting these two cities was the first railway built in Chile and dates back to 1851.

III Region – Huasco Branch Line – Connection with Port of Huasco
This branch connects Vallenar with Port of Huasco and is 49 kms long.

Main Stations

I Region
El Colorado Station: it is located in the city of Iquique which is about 2,051 kms north of the Capital city of Santiago. At only 4 kms away from the port, it assures easy access to the port.

II Region
Baquedano Station: it is located 97 kms from the port of Antofagasta and 68 km from Palestina, where connection to the Socompa international branch line is located.

III Region
Diego de Almagro Station: it is located 92 kms of Potrerillos Foundry, owned by CODELCO, and 66 kms from Port of Barquitos in Chañaral.
Copiapó Station is 804 kms north of Santiago Capital city.
Vallenar Station: located 600 kms north of Santiago and, mainly, provides a means of transportation to the iron mining sites such as Los Colorados and Algarrobo, owned by Huasco mining company. The freight is exported through the port of Huasco, located about 53 km from Vallenar.

IV Region
Coquimbo Station: it is located 469 kms north of Santiago.
Illapel Station: it is located 286 km north of the Capital.

V Region
La Calera Station: It is located 118 km north of Santiago capital and covers transportation needs to cement industry and to CEMENTO MELON S.A., in particular.